H2K Elert – A service of Hartford 2000, the coalition of Hartford’s 14 NRZs and the City of Hartford.

The Hartford Planning & Zoning Commission will meet at 6 PM on Tuesday, February 13, in the Plaza Level Conference Room at 260 Constitution Plaza. The Commission will consider the following items.
  1. ·         690-696 Albany Avenue: Public hearing on a proposed zoning map change from NX-3 Neighborhood Mix district to MS-1 Main Street district.
  2. ·         Bond release: Completion of site improvements as part of Phase 1 of Northeast Brackett Knoll housing project on Westland & Naugatuck Streets.
  3. ·         Informal Discussion: Bushnell Park Playground
  4. ·         Discussion: I-84 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)