Our Mission

Hartford 2000 is the coalition of all Hartford’s Neighborhood Revitalization Zones (NRZ’s) and the City of Hartford.

The mission of Hartford 2000 is to strengthen the individual and collective capability of the NRZ’s and to serve as an advocate for neighborhood issues.

Purposes of Hartford 2000

  1. To address community issues throughout the city and across neighborhood boundaries
  2. To support the work of the NRZs, especially in the implementation of their strategic plans
  3. To advocate on issues that affect NRZs and other residential neighborhoods
  4. To build support for the NRZ program and process
  5. To educate ourselves and others about the NRZs’ work and capabilities
  6. To foster communication among the NRZs and with outside entities
  7. To maintain the momentum of revitalization in Hartford’s NRZs
  8. To facilitate cooperation and collaboration in whatever Hartford 2000 undertakes