H2K Elert – A service of Hartford 2000, the coalition of Hartford’s 14 NRZs and the City of Hartford. and the City of Hartford.
The State of Connecticut Municipal Accountability Review Board (MARB) will meet today, Thursday February 8 from 10 AM to 12:30 PM at 61 Woodland Street, in the State Regents Boardroom on the ground level. The agenda is below.  
1.     Call to Order
2.     Public Comment
3.     Adoption of Minutes
4.     Membership: Introduction and swearing in of new members.
5.     Freedom of Information Act Training for MARB members
6.     Presentation by City of Hartford re City finances
7.     Action on Tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement between City of Hartford and Local 1716
8.     3-Year Financial Plans: discussion with Hartford and West Haven on submittal of their plans
9.     West Haven: Discussion of monthly financial report and the 2018-19 budget and action on West Haven bus contract
10.  Information: Review of material on web site and requests by members
11.  Next Meetings: Review of schedule. Next Meeting is Thursday, March 1