H2K Elert – A service of Hartford 2000, the coalition of Hartford’s 14 NRZs and the City of Hartford.
The Hartford Historic Properties/Preservation Commission will meet on Wednesday, August 16 at 4 PM, in the Plaza Level Conference Room at 260 Constitution Plaza. The following historic reviews will be conducted at this meeting.


       21 Sherman Street: Rebuilding of porch

       128 Oxford Street: Restore original details

       6 Central Row: Replace windows

       111 Pearl Street: Restore window and storefront

       585-603 Park Street: Demolish 2 structures (including the Lyric Theatre) and replace with new building

       453 Albany Avenue: Repair front porches and replace front stairway


Linda A. Bayer, Civic Engagement Consultant
Hartford 2000, Inc.
111 Charter Oak Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106