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Hi All, Below and attached is the Review of actions taken by the Court of Common Council at their  meeting on September 11. Should you have any questions, please let me know. Linda

Council Review

Hartford City Council Meeting

Monday, September 11, 2017


Prepared by Hartford 2000


There were 27 items on the original agenda.  No items were added to the agenda during the meeting.  The City’s official listing of actions taken on all items on this agenda can be found online at .


The next regular Council meeting will be Monday, September 25 at 7 PM.  The next regular public hearing will be Monday, September 18, at 7 PM.  All meetings are held in the Council Chambers.




Riverwalk Grant – The Council referred, to its Planning, Economic Development & Housing Committee, a resolution accepting a grant from the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) in the amount of $2,529,494 to be used to extend Hartford’s walkway along the Connecticut River from the Boathouse in Riverside Park northward to the outflow of Meadow Brook into the River.  The Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) oversaw a competitive process for FHA funds and the City had applied for $1.2 million for this project. However, the approved grant was for more than twice the amount requested. The City, through its Departments of Development Services and Public Works, will work with Riverfront Recapture, Inc. to complete the project. Design work will begin this year and construction will start in 2019. (Bronin) (Item #5)


Waste Management – The Council referred, to its Public Works, Parks & Environment Committee, an ordinance revamping the City’s solid waste management system. Among the proposed changes are a new way of collecting bulky waste, such as furniture, tree limbs, tires, and appliances. Currently, bulky waste may be placed on the curb on regular trash days. Under the proposed system, residents and business owners must make an appointment for pick-up of bulky waste. The first two pick-ups in a calendar year will be free. Any further pick-ups will be subject to a fee.  A fee schedule will be recommended by the Dept. of Public Works and approved by Council.  Further changes to the City’s solid waste management system include increased enforcement of regulations governing presentation of garbage and recycling. (Bronin) (Item #17)





Item #


  1. Freshpoint Agreement. Approval to enter into an agreement with Freshpoint, a fresh produce distributor, for use of 1.3 acres of City-owned land at 80 Reserve Road for truck parking. (Bronin) Referred to Operations, Management, Budget & Government Accountability Committee


  1. DUI Enforcement Grant. Authorization to accept a grant of $259,000 for enforcement of impaired driving laws. (Bronin) Referred to Quality of Life & Public Safety Committee


  1. CRIA Appointments. Confirmation of the Mayor’s appointment of Maryam Bitar, Cheryl Zeiner, Mubera Becirovic, and Artan Martinaj to the Commission on Refugee & Immigrant Affairs. (Bronin) Referred to Legislative Affairs Committee


  1. Ethics Commission. Annual report of activities carried out by the Ethics Commission during Fiscal Year 2016-17. (Bronin) Received


  1. Riverwalk Grant. Approval to accept a $2.5 million grant for design and construction of an extension of the walkway along the Connecticut River from the Boathouse north to the outflow of Meadow Brook. (Bronin) Referred to Planning, Economic Development & Housing Committee


  1. “Bluelight Parking”. Authorization to lease property from the State of Connecticut for use of land to the north side of the Sisson Avenue off-ramp from I-84 for off-street parking for Hartford residents during winter snow storms. (Bronin) Referred to Operations, Management, Budget & Government Accountability Committee


  1. Charter Oak Landing Access. Approval for the City to accept an easement across land owned by the Materials Innovation & Recycling Authority for the Riverfront Access Road which runs from Reserve Road to Charter Oak Landing. (Bronin) Referred to Operations, Management, Budget & Government Accountability Committee


  1. Fracking. Ordinance prohibiting the presence of fracking waste in the city. (Jennings) Passed


  1. ID Scanners. Ordinance requiring bars to use electronic scanners on identification cards, after 6 PM, to detect false IDs. (Clarke) Postponed


  1. Council Staff. Ordinance causing Council as a whole to appoint necessary staff, rather than each Council member appointing an assistant. (Gale) Postponed


  1. Owners Registry. Ordinance requiring owners of residential rental property of 3 units or more to register with the Division of Licenses & Inspections each year. (Clarke) Postponed


  1. Defined Contribution Plan. Ordinance establishing a defined contribution retirement plan for non-union employees hired on or after July 1, 2017. (Bronin) Postponed


  1. T-Mobile Lease. Authorization to contract with T-Mobile for installation and maintenance of telecommunication equipment at 272 Garden Street. (Bronin) Passed


  1. Greenberg Traurig Contract. Request that terms of the contract with the law firm of Greenberg Traurig be modified to achieve structural balance and sustainability. (Deutsch) Failed


  1. Brini Settlement. Approval of a settlement of an injury lawsuit for $390,000. (Bronin) Passed


  1. Off-Road Vehicles. Ordinance governing the use of dirt bikes. ATVs, snow mobiles and other off-road vehicles on city streets. (Clarke) Postponed


  1. Waste Management. Ordinance making changes to the City’s solid waste management system, including elimination of weekly pick-up of bulky waste and establishment of a twice-per year appointment-based system. (Bronin) Referred to Public Works, Parks & Environment Committee and to Public Hearing on Sept. 18


  1. New Commission. Proposal to establish the Hartford Film, Video, Digital, Media and Social Media Commission for the purpose of supporting a strong industry in Hartford. (Sanchez) Referred to Quality of Life & Public Safety Committee and to Public Hearing on Sept. 18


  1. Immigration Issues. Resolution in opposition to such actions as the withholding of federal funds from cities who do not enforce federal immigration laws and anti-immigrant bills such as Texas SB4, and support for continuation of the DACA program and protection of Hartford’s immigrant community. (Clarke, Concepcion, Winch, Thames, Bermudez) Passed


  1. Designation. Resolution designating the week of September 24 – 30, 2017 as African American Heritage Week in the city of Hartford. (Clarke, Deutsch, Jennings, Sanchez, Bermudez) Passed


  1. Carrying Guns. Resolution opposing the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act which would allow individuals from states which allow concealed guns to be carried to do so in violation of Connecticut law. (Clarke, Concepcion, Gale, Bermudez) Passed


  1. Bankruptcy Forums. Proposal for Council to hold a series of public forums on the consequences of a declaration of bankruptcy by the City. (Bermudez, Clarke) Referred to Committee of the Whole


  1. ATV Task Force. Acceptance of the recommendations made by the ATV Task Force as a means of eliminating illegal use of all-terrain and off-road motorbikes. (Concepcion, Gale, Sanchez, Thames, Clarke) Referred to Quality of Life & Public Safety Committee


  1. Mass Incarceration. Resolution in support of the release of all prisoners convicted of non-violent crimes and expunging the records of all individuals ever incarcerated for a non-violent crime in Connecticut. (Jennings, Clarke, Bermudez, Deutsch, Sanchez, Winch, Jennings) Passed


  1. Outsourcing. Resolution requesting quarterly reports from the Administration of all City contracts with outside firms in amounts of $25,000 or more in a quarter and $50,000 or more in a six-month period. (Deutsch) Referred to Operations, Management, Budget & Government Accountability Committee


  1. Rental Housing. Proposal to create a city-wide strategy to combat substandard rental housing and to preserve and increase the city’s affordable and market rate rental housing stock. (Thames, Clarke, Bermudez, Winch, Concepcion, Sanchez) Referred to Planning, Economic Development & Housing Committee


  1. Contract Compliance. Proposal for implementation of recommendations made by the Contract Compliance Taskforce concerning resident hiring and contracting with minority- and women-owned businesses. (Winch, Jennings) Passed



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