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Hi All, Below and attached please find the preview of items on the agenda for the Council meeting of Tuesday, Feb. 13. Should you have any questions, please let me know. Linda

Council Preview

                                                                                   Hartford City Council Meeting

Monday, February 13, 2018
Prepared by Hartford 2000
The Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 13 at 7 PM, preceded at 6 PM by a public comment period. The next regular Council meeting will be held on Monday, February 26, at 7 PM. The next regular public hearing will take place on Tuesday, February 20 at 7 PM (change of day due to Monday holiday).  All meetings are held in Council Chambers in Hartford City Hall.
There are 30 items on the agenda.  Below is detailed information about items of special interest to neighborhoods.  Following those details is a listing of all agenda items, in layperson’s language.  The official agenda for the Council meeting is available online by clicking on the meeting date at the following web site: http://www.hartford.gov/townclerk/council-agenda .
Previously Submitted Items:  The following items were previously on the Council Agenda and were referred to public hearing and/or committees.
Riverfront Development – The Council will consider a resolution requesting proposals for development, along the edges of the Connecticut River, of a marina, accommodations for houseboats, and dining options. The resolution notes that the City executed an operating agreement with Riverfront Recapture, Inc. (RRI) in 2009 which allows RRI to develop facilities along the River in conjunction with the City. Riverfront parks have been developed on both sides of the River, including trails, boat launches, docks, picnic and fishing areas, a boathouse, and an amphitheater. The resolution requests that RRI, the City Administration, and the Greater Hartford Flood Commission now develop proposals for marinas, houseboat moorings, and restaurants to generate economic development and improved quality of life. (Gale, Concepcion, Sanchez, Thames) (Item #10)
Library Department – The Council will consider an ordinance which proposes that the Hartford Public Library, a nonprofit, be replaced by a City department called the Department of City Libraries.  The department would have a Director and four divisions – Branches, Programming, Hartford History Center, and Maintenance, Grounds, Buildings, & Vehicles. There shall be a Board of Trustees and a Community Advisory Committee. The Council’s Health & Human Services and Labor, Education, Workforce & Youth Development Committees recommended passage. (Deutsch). (Item #16)
New Agenda Items:  The following items appear for the first time on the Council’s Agenda.
Crescent Street Tax Fixing – The Council will consider a resolution approving a ten-year tax fixing agreement for the Crescent Street student housing development. Taxes for the current year are $497,000.  Under the proposed agreement, taxes will be fixed at $348,000 for five years, $398,000 for two years, $423,000 for 2 years, and $448,000 for the last year of the agreement.  The housing consists of 45 units in five buildings and was developed five years ago by Crescent Street at Trinity College LLC on land leased to them by Trinity College. The units are 100% leased to Trinity Students. Trinity restricts the amount of rent that can be charged and the owner has requested the tax abatement to keep the housing financially viable.  (Bronin) (Item #3)
Sale of City-Owned Land – The Council will consider a resolution authorizing the sale of 14 parcels of City-owned land on Naugatuck Street, at a price of $115,000, to Toraal Development LLC for construction of 14 2-family homes to be occupied by 14 homeowners and 14 renters and for the reconstruction and reopening of an abandoned portion of Naugatuck Street between Hampton and Barbour Streets.  This is the second phase of the Northeast Brackett School Ownership Housing Initiative. The completed first phase consists of 12 units in six 2-family homes.  (Bronin) (Item #4)
Bulky Waste – Two items concerning bulky waste pickup will be considered by Council. The first is a resolution establishing a fee of $75 for any bulky waste collection beyond the two free collections allowed in one calendar year. The amount of the fee is based upon the findings of DSM Environmental Services, a consulting firm hired by the City to evaluate the cost and operations of the collection process. Input was also received at community meetings concerning the new bulky waste collection system. The second item is an ordinance deleting demolition debris and adding mattresses and box springs to the definition of bulky waste. (Bronin) (Items #5 and #19)
Item #
1.     Dial-a-Ride Grant. Acceptance of a grant of $127,635 from the Greater Hartford Transit District for operation of the City’s Dial-a-Ride program for elderly and disabled residents. (Bronin)
2.     Tavern at Keney Park. Approval of a 10-year agreement with Dish Bar & Grill for operation of The Tavern at Keney Park, the restaurant located in the clubhouse of the Keney Golf Course. (Bronin)
3.     Crescent Street Tax Agreement. Authorization to enter into a 10-year agreement to reduce taxes on the Crescent Street student housing development. (Bronin)
4.     Sale of City Land. Approval to sell 14 parcels of land on Naugatuck Street to Toraal Development for $115,000 for development of 14 2-family homes to be occupied by 14 owners and 14 renters. (Bronin)
5.     Bulky Waste Fee. Establishment of a fee of $75 for each bulky waste collection beyond the two free collections allowed in any calendar year. (Bronin)
6.     Report. Report by the fiscal sustainability subcommittee of the Council’s Operations, Management, Budget & Government Accountability Committee on a discussion held with the Supt. of Schools Leslie Torres-Rodriguez.
7.     Police Chief. Confirmation of the Mayor’s appointment of David Rosado as Hartford Police Chief effective February 5, 2018. (Bronin)
8.     Finance Director. Confirmation of the Mayor’s appointment of Leigh Ann Ralls as Finance Director effective November 6, 2017.
9.     GHTD Board Appointments. Confirmation of the Mayor’s reappointment of Frank Lord to the Board of Directors of the Greater Hartford Transit District. (Bronin)
10.  Riverfront Development. Resolution directing the City and Riverfront Recapture to develop proposals for dining options, a marina, and houseboat accommodations along the edges of the Connecticut River. (Gale, Concepcion, Sanchez, Thames)
11.  Libraries. Resolution calling for an investigation of activities connected with the closure of Hartford Public Library (HPL) branches and for the State Legislature to take action so that the Council can direct the funding and operations of HPL. (Deutsch)
12.  Owners Registry. Ordinance requiring owners of residential rental property of 3 units or more to register with the Division of Licenses & Inspections each year. (Clarke)
13.  Defined Contribution Plan. Ordinance establishing a defined contribution retirement plan for non-union employees hired on or after July 1, 2017. (Bronin)
14.  Admission Surcharge. Approval to impose a 5% surcharge on tickets to Dunkin’ Donuts Park in addition to the current 10% surcharge which will be retained by the State. (Bronin)
15.  Residency. Amendment to the ordinance requiring Mayoral and Council appointees to be Hartford residents to include a requirement that the address used by the employee on IRS filings be in Hartford. (Clarke, Sanchez, Winch)
16.  Library. Ordinance creating a Department of Public Libraries within City government which would replace the Hartford Public Library as a nonprofit. (Deutsch)
17.  Council Committees. Resolution appointing members and chairs of the Council’s Standing Committees. (Thames)
18.  Women’s Commission. Confirmation of the Mayor’s appointment of Haben Abraham, Erica Crowley, Maria Banda Rodriguez, and Sharon Pope as members of the Permanent Commission on the Status of Hartford Women. (Bronin)
19.  Bulky Waste Definition. Ordinance changing the definition of bulky waste by deleting demolition debris and adding mattresses and box springs. (Bronin)
20.  Executive Pay Plan. Ordinance changing the Pay Plan for nonunion and unclassified executive employees by adding elected officials, specifically the City Treasurer, whose salary shall be at the same rate as the Fire and Police Chiefs. (Clarke)
21.  Donation. Acceptance of the gift of a display case from furniture maker Peter Van Beckum, in memory of Bill Faude, to display the Thomas Seymour walking stick in the Hartford History Center. (Thames)
22.  Day of Action. Resolution in support of a Day of Action to be held at the State Capitol on February 28th to support Puerto Rican families arriving in Connecticut. (Bermudez)
23.  MBE/WBE. Resolution in support of changes to State legislation proposed by the Minority Construction Council to support minority and women-owned businesses. (Clarke, Winch)
24.  Update Request. Resolution requesting an update on Administration response to a resolution passed on November 13, 2017 requesting a review of departmental policies and procedures to create a more efficient operation. (Clarke, Winch)
25.  Request for Report. Resolution requesting a detailed progress report on the North Hartford Promise Zone and My Brother’s Keeper initiatives. (Clarke, Winch)
26.  Study Request. Resolution requesting an immediate and comprehensive citywide traffic calming and public safety study. (Clarke, Winch)
27.  STEM. Resolution pronouncing the City of Hartford a “STEM City”. (Clarke)
28.  Solid Waste Task Force. Appointment of Cynthia Jennings and James Sanchez to the Council’s Solid Waste Task Force. (Jennings, Sanchez)
29.  Health Centers. Resolution opposing proposed cuts in Federal funding for community health centers. (Deutsch, Clarke, Winch, Concepcion, Bermudez)
30.  Collaboration. Resolution urging the establishment of a working group of representatives of the Hartford Public Library and Hartford Public Schools to expand collaboration and partnerships between the two entities. (Gale, Thames, Concepcion, Sanchez)

If you have any questions about the agenda or wish to be removed from the Council Preview/Review list, please email Linda Bayer at Htfd2000@aol.com .  The Council Preview/Review is a service of Hartford