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Below and attached please find the Preview of the agenda for the November 13 meeting of the Court of Common Council.  Tune in at 5:40 PM to Channel 96, Hartford Government Access TV, at 5:40 PM for Behind the Gavel, a discussion of what to expect at the meeting. At 6 PM you can watch the public comment period and at 7 PM watch the Council meeting. If you have any questions, please let me know. Linda



Council Preview

Hartford City Council Meeting

Monday, November 13, 2017

Prepared by Hartford 2000


The Council meeting will be held on Monday, November 13 at 7 PM, preceded at 6 PM by a public comment period.  The next regular Council meeting will be held on Monday, November 27, at 7 PM, and the next regular public hearing will take place on Monday, November 20 at 7 PM.  All meetings are held in Council Chambers in Hartford City Hall. 


There are 27 items on the agenda.  Below is detailed information about items of special interest to neighborhoods.  Following those details is a listing of all agenda items, in layperson’s language.  The official agenda for the Council meeting is available online by clicking on the meeting date at the following web site: .




New Agenda Items:  The following items appear for the first time on the Council’s Agenda.


Food Policies – The Council will receive a report from the Hartford Advisory Commission on Food Policy that describes the accomplishments and activities of the Commission during the 2016-17 Fiscal Year and proposes a policy priority and four policy recommendations for the upcoming year. The Commission recommends that healthy food retail be prioritized in city development.  Recommendations for implementing this policy are: 1) increase fruit and vegetable consumption using nutrition programs, 2) support efforts to divert wasted food from the city’s waste stream, 3) ensure the sustainability of school gardens, and 4) promote growing nutritious food on more City-owned land. (Bronin) (Item #1)


Library Grants – The Council will consider a resolution authorizing the acceptance of three grants, totaling $10.7 million, from the State of Connecticut for the construction of a new Park Branch Library on the land at 585 and 597-603 Park Street, site of the former Lyric Theater. This library branch is currently located in 2,000 feet of rented space at 744 Park Street. Despite its small size, it is one of the most heavily used branches in the city. Design of the new building is underway and construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2018. (Bronin) (Item #8)


Motor Vehicle Tax Increase – The Council will consider a resolution increasing the motor vehicle tax rate from 32 to 39 mills for the current tax year. The State Legislature had previously set a cap of 32 mills on motor vehicle taxes imposed by all Connecticut towns. The Legislature, through House Bill 1502, recently raised the cap to 39 mills. Towns which have already set their motor vehicle tax rate are able to raise their rate if their legislative body (Council) passes a resolution setting a new rate not to exceed 39 mills. The Mayor is recommending that Hartford raise its rate to 39 mills. (Bronin) (Item #9)


Bike-Share – The Council will consider a resolution that authorizes the City to enter into an agreement with LimeBike, to provide bicycle sharing services in Hartford. LimeBike operates such services in 16 locations across the country. They use green bicycles equipped wih GPS units, 3G connectivity, a solar panel and a smart lock. An individual uses a mobile app to locate a nearby bicycle and a QR code to unlock the bike. He/she can pick up a bike at one location and return it to another location. LimeBike manages and maintains the fleet of bikes at no cost to the city. The proposed agreement is for a trial period of two years. (Bronin) (Item #12)


Speed Limits – The Council will consider a resolution that asks the Administration to undertake a review of the speed limits on streets throughout the city for the purpose of addressing the problem of speeding cars that are dangerous to pedestrians and bicyclists. The resolution requests the Administration to work with the Office of the State Traffic Administration on this issue and to designate certain streets, such as Pratt and Front Streets, as “Pedestrian Priority” streets with speed limits not to exceed 10 miles per hour. (Concepcion, Bermudez, Sanchez) (Item #26)




Item #


  1. Food Policy Report. Annual Report and Policy Recommendations submitted by the Hartford Advisory Commission on Food Policy.


  1. Financial Report. Report of financial transactions of Hartford City Government during the 2016-17 Fiscal Year. (Bronin)


  1. Budget Transfers. Approval to transfer $1.5 million from unencumbered funds to 8 departments and accounts which had expenditure over-runs in Fiscal year 2016-17. (Bronin)


  1. Fire Equipment Grant. Approval to accept a grant of $903,094 from FEMA to purchase radios and other communication equipment for the Fire Department. (Bronin)


  1. HIV/AIDS Prevention Grant. Authorization to accept a grant of $150,000 from the CT Dept. of Public Health to be used for the City’s HIV/AIDS prevention program (Bronin)


  1. Finance Appointment. Confirmation of the Mayor’s appointment of Leigh Ann Ralls as the City’s Finance Director. (Bronin)


  1. Ebony Horsewomen. Approval of a 5-year agreement with the Ebony Horsewomen for continued use of a portion of Keney Park as their equestrian center. (Bronin)


  1. Library Grants. Acceptance of three grants totaling $10.7 million from the State of Connecticut for construction of the new Park Branch Library at the former site of the Lyric Theater on Park Street. (Bronin)


  1. Motor Vehicle Tax Increase. Approval to increase the motor vehicle tax rate from 32 mills to 39 mills. (Bronin)


  1. SAFER Grant. Approval to accept a grant of $11.1 million from FEMA to hire 70 new firefighters and to pay a portion of their salaries for three years. (Bronin)


  1. Climate Action Plan. Endorsement of the City’s Climate Action Plan. (Bronin)


  1. BikeShare. Authorization to enter into an agreement with LimeBike to operate a pilot bike-share program in Hartford, at no cost to the City. (Bronin)


  1. WIC Grant. Report by the Health & Human Services Committee on discussion of a resolution to accept a 5-year grant of $6.6 million from the CT Dept. of Public Health for operation of the Women, Infants & Children program. (Bronin)


  1. Emerald Ash Borer. Report of the November 1st meeting of the Council’s Public Works, Parks & Environment Committee at which an update on the Emerald Ash Borer infestation was presented.


15.   Council Staff. Ordinance causing the Council as a whole to appoint necessary staff, rather than each Council member appointing an assistant. (Gale)


16.   Yard Goats Jobs. Resolution requesting information from the Yard Goats on how many Hartford residents will be hired and whether the Yard Goats will comply with the City’s Living Wage Ordinance. (Clarke, Deutsch, Winch, Bermudez, Jennings) (Submitted to Council on Feb. 14, 2017)


17.   School Transportation. Reduction of the Board of Education school transportation budget and increase in number of school crossing guards. (Bermudez) (Submitted to Council on May 23, 2016)


18.   CT-PGA Agreement. Approval to enter into a 3-year contract, in the amount of $150,000 per year, with Connecticut Section, PGA of America, for management of the City’s Keney and Goodwin Golf Courses. (Bronin)


19.   Owners Registry. Ordinance requiring owners of residential rental property of 3 units or more to register with the Division of Licenses & Inspections each year. (Clarke)


20.   ID Scanners. Ordinance requiring bars to use electronic scanners on identification cards, after 6 PM, to detect false IDs. (Clarke)


21.   Defined Contribution Plan. Ordinance establishing a defined contribution retirement plan for non-union employees hired on or after July 1, 2017. (Bronin)


  1. WIC Grant. Approval to accept a 5-year grant of $6.6 million from the CT Dept. of Public Health for operation of the Women, Infants & Children program. (Bronin)


  1. Pregnancy Information Disclosure & Protection. Ordinance requiring Crisis Pregnancy Centers to disclose whether a medical provider is on the premises and prohibiting false, misleading, or deceptive advertisement by such centers. (Bronin)


  1. Departmental Policies. Resolution asking the Administration to review all departmental polices and procedures to create a more efficient operation. (Clarke)


  1. Relief Center. Resolution asking Council members to assist in raising funds to assist the Hurricane Relief Center established by CREC. (Bermudez, Clarke, Thames, Sanchez, Concepcion)


  1. Speed Limits. Resolution asking for an evaluation of speed limits on all city streets, reduction of limits on narrow streets, and designation of “Pedestrian Priority” streets with speed limits of 10 mph. (Concepcion, Bermudez, Sanchez)


  1. Shared Solar Legislation. Resolution calling on the State Legislature to pass legislation that will allow Hartford residents living in multi-unit buildings to access solar energy from arrays distant from their homes. (Sanchez)


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