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Dear Friends, Below and attached please find the Preview of items on the agenda of the City Council meeting to be held next TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10.  (Change of day due to Columbus Day Holiday). Should you have any questions, please let me know. Linda

Council Preview

Hartford City Council Meeting

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Prepared by Hartford 2000


The Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 10 at 7 PM, preceded at 6 PM by a public comment period.  (Note: Meeting is on Tuesday due to the Columbus Day Holiday on Monday.)  The next regular Council meeting will be held on Monday, October 23, at 7 PM.  The next regular public hearing will take place on Monday, October 16 at 7 PM.  All meetings are held in Council Chambers in Hartford City Hall. 


There are 17 items on the agenda.  Below is detailed information about items of special interest to neighborhoods.  Following those details is a listing of all agenda items, in layperson’s language.  The official agenda for the Council meeting is available online by clicking on the meeting date at the following web site: .




Previously Submitted Items:  The following item was previously on the Council Agenda and was referred to public hearing and committee.  It is now on the agenda again for possible action.


Waste Management – The Council will consider an ordinance revamping the City’s solid waste management system. Among the proposed changes are a new way of collecting bulky waste, such as furniture, tree limbs, tires, and appliances. Currently, bulky waste may be placed on the curb on regular trash days. Under the proposed system, residents and business owners must make an appointment for pick-up of bulky waste. The first two pick-ups in a calendar year will be free. Any further pick-ups will be subject to a fee.  A fee schedule will be recommended by the Dept. of Public Works and approved by Council.  Further changes to the City’s solid waste management system include increased enforcement of regulations governing presentation of garbage and recycling. (Bronin) (Item #17)


New Agenda Items:  The following items appear for the first time on the Council’s Agenda.


Electricity Credits – The Council will consider a resolution authorizing a 20-year contract with CT Green Bank through which the City will purchase Virtual Net Metering credits which are expected to reduce the City’s electric bills by approximately $30,000 per year. Virtual Net Metering (VNM) allows entities that generate electricity in excess of their needs to assign the surplus production to the electricity accounts of other entities. A solar array in Thompson, Connecticut, developed by C-TEC Solar, generates excess electricity and “sells” this electricity, in the form of credits, to CT Green Bank. Through a program for municipalities, the City can “buy” these credits from CT Green Bank at a price less than the regular cost of electricity and assign the credit to the City’s electric bill. For example, if the City purchases credits equal to $230,000 for $200,000, the electric bill will be reduced by $230,000, netting the City $30,000 in savings. (Bronin) (Item #3)


Libraries – The Council will consider a resolution calling for all library branches to remain open to allow time for discussion of alternatives to branch closures. The resolution includes suggested alternatives, including fundraising from non-governmental sources and moving the Blue Hills Branch services into Rawson School and maintaining the Mark Twain Branch in West Middle School and Ropkins Branch in SAND School with a portion of the costs shared by the Board of Education. (Bermudez, Deutsch, Jennings) (Item #1)




Item #


  1. CT-PGA Agreement. Approval to enter into a 3-year contract, in the amount of $150,000 per year, with Connecticut Section, PGA of America, for management of the City’s Keney and Goodwin Golf Courses. (Bronin)


  1. Seatbelt Enforcement. Authorization to accept a grant of $16,382 from the CT Dept. of Transportation Highway Safety Office to implement seatbelt enforcement checkpoints during the Thanksgiving and Memorial Day weekends. (Bronin)


  1. Electricity Credits. Approval to enter into a 20-year agreement with CT Green Bank for purchase of credits generated by a solar array to reduce the City’s electricity bill. (Bronin)


  1. H&HS Director. Confirmation of the Mayor’s appointment of Liany Elba Arroyo as the Director of the Health & Human Services Department effective December 4, 2017. (Bronin)


  1. ES&T Director. Confirmation of the Mayor’s appointment of Susan M. Webster as the Director of Emergency Services & Telecommunications effective October 2, 2017. (Bronin)


  1. Title VI Plan. Approval of the City’s Nondiscrimination Plan required by the Federal Transit Administration and Federal Highway Administration under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. (Bronin)


  1. H&HS Committee Report. Report of discussions held at the Committee meeting of October 2nd on the topics of welcoming and addressing the needs of those displaced by Hurricane Maria, homelessness, housing, activities of the Commission on Refugee & Immigrant Affairs, and the status of grant-funded programs within the Health & Human Services Department.


  1. Communication. Report by Council President Clarke on discussions held at the September 13th meeting of the Mental Health Task Force.


  1. ID Scanners. Ordinance requiring bars to use electronic scanners on identification cards, after 6 PM, to detect false IDs. (Clarke)


  1. Council Staff. Ordinance causing the Council as a whole to appoint necessary staff, rather than each Council member appointing an assistant. (Gale)


  1. Owners Registry. Ordinance requiring owners of residential rental property of 3 units or more to register with the Division of Licenses & Inspections each year. (Clarke)


  1. Defined Contribution Plan. Ordinance establishing a defined contribution retirement plan for non-union employees hired on or after July 1, 2017. (Bronin)


  1. Off-Road Vehicles. Ordinance governing the use of dirt bikes, ATVs, snow mobiles and other off-road vehicles on city streets. (Clarke)


  1. Waste Management. Ordinance making changes to the City’s solid waste management system, including elimination of weekly pick-up of bulky waste and establishment of a twice-per year appointment-based system. (Bronin)


  1. New Commission. Proposal to establish the Hartford Film, Video, Digital, Media and Social Media Commission for the purpose of supporting a strong industry in Hartford. (Sanchez)


  1. Executive Session. Request for the Council to enter into Executive Session during the Oct. 10th meeting to receive an update from Assured Guaranty Municipal Corporation and Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) on the City’s financial condition. (Clarke, Bermudez, Deutsch)


  1. Libraries. Resolution to halt closures of branch libraries while discussions of alternatives are undertaken with the community. (Bermudez, Deutsch, Jennings)


If you have any questions about the agenda or wish to be removed from the Council Preview/Review list, please email Linda Bayer at .  The Council Preview/Review is a service of Hartford 2000, Inc.


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