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Below are four meetings taking place this week: Board of Education, City Council, Historic Properties/Preservation Commission, and the Golf Course Oversight Commission.


The Board of Education will meet at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, May 16, at Annie Fisher School, 280 Plainfield Street.



  1. Recognition of Class of 2017 Fox Scholars
  2. Comments by parents, students, and the public
  3. Reports: Chair, Superintendent, and three committees: 1) Parent & Community Engagement, 2) Policy, and 3) School Choice & Facilities
  4. Contract: Approval of contract extension with Board of Regents for management of Great Path Academy
  5. Contract: Approval of contract extension with PowerSchool Group for student information system ($283,509)
  6. Grant: Approval to accept $40,000 grant from CT Dept. of Education for adult education
  7. Policy: First reading of Suicide Prevention & Intervention Policy
  8. Policy: Reauthorization of Healthy Foods & Beverages Policy
  9. Schedule: Approval of Board of Education Meeting Schedule for 2017-18
  10. Executive Session: To discuss potential litigation




The Hartford Court of common Council will meet at noon on Wednesday, May 17 in Council Chambers to begin adoption of the 2017-18 City Budget.




The Historic Properties/Preservation Commission will meet at 4 PM on Wednesday, May 17 in the Plaza Level Conference Room at 260 Constitution Plaza.



Historic Reviews:

       33 Grand Street: Demolition of rear structure

       99-103 Hungerford Street: Replacement of windows

       79-81 Oxford Street: Repairs of fire damage

       55 Bartholomew Avenue: Installation of solar panel

       9-11 Deerfield Avenue: Repair of fire damage




The Golf Course Oversight Commission will meet at 6 PM on Wednesday, May 17, at 50 Jennings Road, 2nd Floor.



       Reports on renovations and operations of Goodwin and Keney Golf Courses

       Discussion with Ron Pitz, Director of Knox, Inc.


Linda A. Bayer, Civic Engagement Consultant
Hartford 2000, Inc.
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