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Two public meetings are being held this coming Wednesday, November 1.  Details of the topics to be discussed are below.
Council’s Public Works, Parks & Environment Committee
Wednesday, November 1, 2017
5:30 PM
Council Chambers, Hartford City Hall
1.    CT-PGA Agreement. Approval to enter into a 3-year contract, in the amount of $150,000 per year, with Connecticut Section, PGA of America, for management of the City’s Keney and Goodwin Golf Courses. (Bronin)
2.    Emerald Ash Borer. Update by Michael Looney, Asst. Director, DPW, and Heather Dionne, city Forester, on infestation, tree planting, and tree removal.
Dillon Stadium Public Forum
Wednesday, November 1, 2017
6:00 PM
CT Convention Center, Meeting Room 23, 6th Floor
Sponsored by the CRDA Venue Committee
The three entities who have submitted proposals to redevelop and operate Dillon Stadium will make presentations at the forum. Attendees will then be able to ask questions and offer comments. Presentation materials will be available online at www.crdact.net by November 6th. Comments may be sent by email to khart@crdact.net
The City of Hartford asked the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) to assist in the redevelopment of Dillon Stadium.  The process is as follows.  CRDA, on behalf of the City of Hartford, issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) on September 15, 2017, seeking entities interested in using, redeveloping and operating Dillon Stadium and, potentially, securing a professional sports team for the facility. Due date for proposals was October 15. Submissions will be reviewed by CRDA and forwarded, with an assessment, to the City for final consideration and action.
The following objectives have been set by the City and CRDA.
·         Increase number and type of events at Dillon
·         Increase attendance at all events
·         Preserve and enhance access to the facility for scholastic, amateur, and community sporting and other events
·         Possibly develop agreement with professional or collegiate sports team to use Dillon as game location
·         Upgrade playing fields, lighting, sound, concessions, restrooms, and locker rooms
·         Repair and upgrade for ADA and building code compliance
·         Replace or refurbish bleachers
·         Construct new press box and skybox seating
·         Construct new site entrance
·         Establish management plan for Stadium and parking
·         Complement Colt Park renewal and programs operating within the Park
·         Spur community redevelopment and renewal within the National Park
The selection criteria set by the City and CRDA are as follows.
1.    Proposed use of facility
2.    Experience, technical competence and financial plan
3.    Capacity to perform work
4.    Private/public capital program
5.    Revenue return and economic impact to City of Hartford