Hartford 2000 Elert

Below are agendas for two City meetings.
Hartford Redevelopment Agency
Thursday, January 11, 6:15 PM
Function Room, Hartford City Hall
1.     Business Items: minutes, 2018 meeting schedule, correspondence
2.     Discussion Items:
·         Albany/Woodland Project
·         South Meadows Project
·         Park & Main Request for Proposals
3.     Director’s Report
4.     Public Comment
Council Public Hearing
Tuesday, January 16, 7 PM
Council Chambers, City Hall
1.     Admission Surcharge. Approval to reduce the surcharge on tickets to Dunkin’ Donuts Park from 10% to 5% in accordance with State legislation requiring this change. (Bronin)
2.     Residency. Amendment to the ordinance requiring Mayoral and Council appointees to be Hartford residents to include a requirement that the address used by the employee on IRS filings be in Hartford. (Clarke, Sanchez, Winch)
3.     Library. Ordinance creating a Department of Public Libraries within City government which would replace the Hartford Public Library as a nonprofit. (Deutsch)
4.     Plaza Lease. Authorization of a ten year lease with the owners of State House Square for use and maintenance of the plaza between the Old State House and State House Square. (Bronin)