H2K Elert – A service of Hartford 2000, the coalition of Hartford’s 14 NRZs and the City of Hartford.
Two  meetings are scheduled for next Wednesday, December 6 in City Hall at 5:30 PM.
Commission on Disability Issues
5:30 PM
Corporation Counsel Conference Room, 3rd Floor
  1. Speaker from Office of the Child Advocate
  2. Recruiting Strategies for New Members
  3. Commission Open House
  4. Public Service Announcement
  5. Discussion of whether to invite a representative of Hartford Public Schools to a Commission Meeting
  6. Announcements
Public Works, Parks & Environment Committee
5:30 PM
Council Chambers
  1. Climate Action Plan. Endorsement of the City’s Climate Action Plan. (Bronin)
  2. Shared Solar Legislation. Resolution calling on the State Legislature to pass legislation that will allow Hartford residents living in multi-unit buildings to access solar energy from arrays distant from their homes. (Sanchez)