Another successful year of the People’s Budget is in the books.  A big thank you to all who came out to make this event program happen.  To the right, you can watch both sessions of the program; Session I is the information session where you can learn about the City of Hartford’s 2016-17 Operating Budget from Mayor Luke Bronin & Melissa McCaw, Director of Management, Budget, and Grants at City of Hartford (click here to see the presentation); and Session II is the Workshop session where you can watch the simulation where volunteers try to balance the budget for themselves in real-time.

You can also try your hand at balancing the 2016-17 Operating Budget with the Balancing Act program used at our Workshop.  The actual figures that Mayor Bronin and our City Council will start with are preset in the program, and you will get a real-time, easy to use, visual representation of where your decisions on allocations and cuts will be:

Balance the Budget Here!!

Session I

Session II